a modern British classic

At the end of 2011, our award-winning cheesemakers created a limited edition Red Leicester Crunch that proved to be a runaway success.

Red Fox is handmade at Belton Farm where our cheesemakers use a unique recipe developed over many years. The cultures have been carefully selected to produce a cheese with an intense and complex blend of sweet, savoury and distinctively nutty flavours.

belton cheese

12-month plus maturation

Developed through watchful maturation, Red Fox is russet in colour and has a wonderful rugged mouth-feel with a hint of ‘crunch’. It leaves the palate with a lingering flavour-making it incredibly moreish!


The tale of the Red Fox

For a great story, you need interesting characters. So when Red Fox was suggested, that was when everything started to fall into place.

Since the early 20th century a red fox has been standing aloft the Belton farmhouse in the form of a weather vane. The fox is also represented on the Leicestershire Coat of Arms and is the county’s sporting mascot.